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  Products introduction
    FDN has the advantage of high water reducing ratio, non-delayed coagulation, non-air entraining and strong adaptability. It can improve the workability of concrete to a large extent so as to reduce the water consumption for blending. Meanwhile, it can improve the strength of concrete. As the main master batch of various kinds of compound concrete admixture, it could also produce series products of concrete admixture which can be suitable for all kinds of project requirement through compounding with other kinds of admixture. This product can contribute to the improvement of project quality and construction efficiency and the reduction of construction cost. It can also improve the process of works.
Scope of application
1. It can be applied to cast-in-situ, prefabricating, prestressed steel concrete and fly ash concrete, etc.
2. It is suitable for configurating early strength, high strength, high impermeability, self-fcompaction and high durability concrete.
3. It can be applied to self-cured and vapor-cured concrete project and products.
4. It can used to configurate C30-C60 concrete and also can configurate C70-C80 high strength concrete if the dosage is added and mineral admix-ture is added to the concrete.
Main performance and characteristics
1. This product is non-toxic,non-inflammable with stable shape. It does not have corrosion effect on steel bar.
2. The concrete does not have air entraining effect and also has smooth and beautiful appearance.
3. It is a high concentration product with sodium sulfate content on more than 5 percent. low concentration product with sodium sulfate content no more than 18 percent. The low alkalinity will not give rise to the alkaliaggregate reaction.
4. The water reducing uatio is 15 to 30 percent. It can also improve the fluidity of blended material with the concrete slump at 18 to 25cm.
5. It can also have strong dispersion for cement and can effectively improve the workability of blended material to make sure the concrete mixture is easy to pouring and vibrating.
6. It can improve the strength of concrete for 60 to 100 percent with in 1 to 7 days. high concentration product can improve the strength of it for 20 to 40 percent in 28 days. low
concentration product can improve the strength of it for 10 to 40 perceft in 28 days.
7. It can also save cement with the reduction of its amount at 7 to 25 percent and can maintain the same strength.
8. It can improve the density of concrete and reduce the shrink and creep and at the same time improve the durability to improve its service life.
High concentration product,the general recommended dosage powder is 0.4 to 1.0 percent. Generally the liquid is 1.0 to 2.5 percent. Low concentra-tion product, the general recommended dosage powder is 0.5 to 1.2 percent. Generally the liquid is 1.2 to 3.0 percent.
The usage
1. As the requirement of engineer,the dosage can be adjusted after testing.
2. It can be put into blender with minxing water, If it is added later or added before concrete pouring and is mixed for a moment,the plasticizing effect could be better.
The powder is packaged and stored with 25kg per bag or 40kg per bag. The protection is made for preventing the damage or damp; The liquid is packaged 250kg per bucket or in bulk. It can not bear long term exposure.
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