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The design inspiration of ENTAC Logo comes from the creative idea of "to win reputations and prosper all over the world".
Main boby of the LOGO comprises a yellow and black cubes which are mutually embedded,overlapped, rotating and interactive and they form a four-dimensional diagram that points in all directions and embodies dialectical relationship between staticity and dynamics.
Square is the most elementary graphic element, which is simple and dignified, concise and elegant and reflects the traditional concept of "Fundamental principals of being a responsible man"--just words and actions. It contains the psychological symbols of reliability and stableness as well as the personal charm of integrity and frankness. "The action must be just" is not only the code of conduct of Confucian School but also the fundamental quality of an enterprise to achieve success.
At the contour of the LOGO, there are eight radial arrows, representing four directions and four corners and symbolizing bud, breakthrough and achievement. It represents the beautiful vision of extending in all directions and embodies the industrial prospect of achieving success and flourishing in all directions of the corporation.
Superimposed image of two squares indicates a kind of upward force. Meanwhile, this coincides with the image of stacking concrete block in building material science, thus having significant industrial indication.
At the center of the LOGO, there is a transparent square, which represents a window opening to the world, through which, ,the brand image and product reputation of ENTAC products will be transmitted and radiated to all the world.
  Corporate Vision  
  To be innovative for development , to prosper business by solidifying foundation;
to win reputations and prosper all over the world.
  Management Comcept  
  To be people-oriented and to establish business with honesty.
  Team Spirit  
  Cooperative,Practiacl, Efficient and Surpassing.
  Code of Conduct  
  Righteous, Sincere and Trustworthy.
  Operation Commitment  
  To be based on the requirement of customers and end by making customers satisfied.
   Core Value  
  Customers are the best partners and talents are the greatest capital.
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